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Writing this I realize I forgot to go to Walter White’s house….SHIT. I recently visited Albuquerque, New Mexico for a national sales meeting & I was blown away! I was, in fact, there for work but I definitely indulged while on this trip! This post is not necessarily a travel guide to Albuquerque, more so a sharing of two AMAZING resorts - Tamaya Resort & Spa + Sandia Resort & Casino - and why you should stay there on your next trip to New Mexico. Plus, it’s an easy 7 1/2 hour road trip from Denver!


I am completely obsessed with this place after staying here for our sales meeting!! It is tucked away so it’s very quiet and private with beautiful views & so much to do.

Nestled on 550 acres of the Native American Santa Ana Pueblo between the Sandia Mountains and the Rio Grande River, Tamaya is steeped in over one thousand years of rich history and culture.

It’s a lot bigger than you realize upon checking in. You’re greeted by the friendliest staff waiting with welcome honey + lavender margaritas. Nice touch right?! It reminded me of the scene in Bridesmaids where she takes the lemonade & says “Shit, that is fressshhhh.”

This nice touch is one of the many reasons I loved this resort. They thought of every little detail to make it a relaxing & enjoyable stay. The welcome margaritas make you feel special right when you get there. They have a gem water table set up with a wellness blend for guests. Rose quartz + amethyst + clear quartz - “this harmonic gem water blend stimulates & soothes the mind while fostering tranquility with a taste that’s smooth and mild.” I don’t know about you, but I’m allllll over any type of H20 that brings tranquility to my life.

The resort has 350 rooms & suites all with beautiful views. Some look out at the golf course, others at the 2 pools, and the rest at the Sandia mountains. The rooms are lovely with more attention to detail. They provide 2 water bottles for you in your room each day you are there. Which is SO nice because usually bottled water at nice hotels is $5 a bottle. They also have the most incredible smelling products in the bathrooms. I may or may not have left with 5 mini bottles of their body lotion. It smells so freakin good!!!

The food & drinks at Tamaya were PHENOMENAL. And I mean it! Every single thing I ate (and drank) was so fresh & healthy. Well minus the dessert, still fresh, less healthy. They have two restaurants - The Rio Grande Lounge & The Corn Maiden. I definitely recommend trying the prickly pear margarita but my very favorite was the green chile marg. So spicyyy.

Since we were there for a work conference we were lucky to eat many different buffet style spreads. This is where I was extra impressed!! Again, with the attention to detail. The salad bar was loaded with every single thing you could think of. Along with creative side dishes + tons of fresh veggies + roasted green chile guacamole + buffalo chili + fresh tortillas + freshly sliced brisket and turkey + desserts galore. We ate and then we ate some more. I only have a picture of the yummy fruit I had for breakfast every day because I was too busy loading my plates at the buffets.

Aside from the fresh food & little details, the Tamaya Resort offers A TON of different activities.

Twin Warriors Golf Course + Tamaya Mist Spa + Swimming Pools +

The Stables + Biking + Trails + Cultural Activities

Our top choice was the golf course which was STUNNING! It was a difficult course with gorgeous views of the Sandia Mountains and the sacred butte known as Tuyuna or “Snakehead.” I also did hear after the fact there is a huge rattlesnake that lives on one of the Par 3s….thankfully, after the fact.

Their two swimming pools are beautiful & my mom has great things to say about their Tamaya Mist Spa! They also offer complementary cruiser bikes to take on the trails which is a very nice option. If only we had more time there I would have taken advantage of the horse trail rides & the spa.

10/10 recommend The Tamaya Resort & Spa!!! Definitely say yes to the welcome honey + lavendar margarita, try a green chile margarita by the pool, play Twin Warriors course, & eat ALL of the food.


Our next stop was not too far away & equally amazing! Sandia is a gorgeous resort right next to the Sandia mountains with killer views + a casino + golf course + my new favorite spa. Actually sad writing this because I wish I was in their eucalyptus steam room & hot/cold plunge tub. It’s been a month & I’m already ready to go back to New Mexico!!

Their pool has the prettiest view, as you can see in these pics. You can actually take a Tram up on those Sandia mountains and eat lunch at the top. Plus their is a ski area on the other side of the mountain! Cool right?!

Our room had a view of the golf course & a huge bathroom, which I loved. I definitely recommend getting a room with a view of the course, it was really nice to wake up & enjoy coffee overlooking the golf course & mountains.

We didn’t spend much time in the room, except for watching Modern Family reruns before bed….lol. Why hang out in the room (even though they are pretty) if you can sit by the pool & look at mountain views!? Or catch a happy hour & eat delicioussss food!

They have a STUNNING restaurant on the top floor called Bien Shur. 10/10/10/10/10! It is fine dining with seafood & steaks. You HAVE to get the Cream Corn Chowder. Just trust me. They also offer a really great happy hour Tuesday-Thursday. Which is where our lovely wine photo came from! They have happy hour at Bien Shur from 4-6 PM & 9-11 PM Tuesday-Thursday & 4-6 PM on Saturdays. I love me a good happy hour!!

The food was my second favorite part of The Sandia Resort, The Green Reed Spa being my top favorite!! If you’re a girl you know there is truly nothing better than getting a manicure with your mom. NOTHING BETTER. My mom & I got a mani at the spa complete with my kind of mimosa - champagne hold the OJ. My absolute favorite part came next. The eucalyptus steam room + hot/cold plunge tub + relaxation room. In that order.

My newest hack is to bring your own facemask to the spa & put it on while sippin’ champs in the relaxation room. Basically a free facial!!

Time well spent at The Green Reed Spa. Time also well spent at Sandia’s casino!! Did I mention they also have a casino?? I’m a sucker for roulette & craps usually. But not gonna lie the James Bond slot machine was my favorite here. GOOD LUCK!!!!! They also have an amphitheater at the resort with concerts throughout the year that you definitely need to check out!

I already feel nostalgic writing this post & I want to go back to both of these resorts!!! I had no idea I was going to love Albuquerque so much!! But now it’s now officially on my list of favorite road trip destinations. Both resorts were unique & beautiful in their own way!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post about my favorite resorts in Albuquerque! I hope you’ll check them out & consider them for your next stay.

You can read more about each resort here —

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Thank you for reading & I hope you have a great week! :)

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