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Blue Sparrow Coffee is my absolute favorite spot in Denver for a Turmeric or Matcha latte! I’m also obsessed with their tile floor.

It’s located in a cute little shopping center in RiNo called Backyard on Blake. It’s also right by my best friend’s house so that is CLUTCH.

RiNo - 3070 Blake St #180 Denver, CO 80205



If you haven’t been here, I will warn you parking can kind of be a pain. But I promise you will find a spot!! And if you don’t, well…I’ll owe ya a cold brew.

It’s a small & cozy coffee shop in RiNo with really delicious drinks & beautiful details. I love the soft but bright blue + gold details + the handwritten menu. It’s not too big, but big enough. There are 6 tables, 5 barstools, and outdoor patio seating as well. I extra love that they play mellow music at literally the PERFECT volume. I’m not kidding, it’s perfectly in the background to enjoy your latte & get work done or chat with a friend.

Shoutout to the nice stranger who took this for me, love ya girl

Shoutout to the nice stranger who took this for me, love ya girl


Pictured above are my two faves - the Turmeric and Matcha lattes!

The turmeric is caffeine free and a lil spicy which is so yummy! Plus the turmeric benefits include anti-inflammatory + immune booster + improves cardiovascular health + antioxidants. Which is great for me because I’m a hypochondriac.

The matcha is delicious both hot & cold but I am obsessed with their iced (almond milk) matcha!!! I drink it in about 3 sips.


Their handwritten menu also has a section for drinks on tap. ( handwritten by @lettersandpeonies )

CBD Nitro cold brew + Nitro cold brew + Japanese iced coffee + black iced tea + Upstart kombucha + blueberry soda + soda water

The cold brew is exactly how you want cold brew to taste. Strong & freezing cold. And it provides all the jitters you want along with it! ;) I’ve been wanting to try the CBD cold brew but haven’t yet. Any thoughts on CBD coffee!? I’m interested to hear!!

They feature different roasters that are dedicated to quality + sustainability + community.

March’s featured roaster is

Bolt Coffee

Peep the drinking monkey painting above the counter. LOVE!! I think the choice of blue + yellow together is perfection. The barstools also face outside with a big garage door that opens when it’s nice outside. Good Colorado vibes right there!!



They are located in RiNo at 3070 Blake St #180 in the shopping center Backyard on Blake.

Read more about them on their website HERE

Find them on intsa @bluesparrowcoffee

Read more about their March featured roaster - Bolt Coffee HERE

Thank you all for reading! Hope to see you there and let me know if I owe you a cold brew due to your lack of finding a parking spot ;)

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