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This post features an amazing local company - Wander + Ivy!! I can’t wait to tell you all about them!


I’m obsessed. And you should be too! If you’re like me, the words rosé + pinot make your mouth water. In the best way. But sometimes this can be a downfall after opening a bottle of wine. Those 4ish glasses of wine can be easy to finish all in one night. I’ve definitely been there before. I’ve also been there after opening a bottle, only drinking 1 glass, & saving it only to be less tasty or wasteful.

….Cue Wander + Ivy’s single serving organic wines! These babes are 6.3 fl oz AKA the perfect pour of rosé + pinot noir + sauvignon blanc + a red blend. Partnering with family-owned vineyards around the world, Wander + Ivy brings you premium wine in convenient single-servings.


Dana Spaulding

Dana Spaulding

Dana is the founder + CEO of Wander + Ivy and she is a super sweet girl boss!

*Tell us about yourself!*

I grew up outside of Philly with my two sisters (we are very close!), went to Fordham University and studied economics. I spent my entire career (up until now) at JPMorgan’s Private Bank managing wealth for successful entrepreneurs (half the time in NYC and half in Denver).  I met my husband at JPM and we both always talked about one day being an entrepreneur ourselves. When I had the idea for Wander + Ivy, he was incredibly encouraging. I took the leap about 2 years ago to leave my day job to create this exciting brand!

*Tell us about “The Spark!”*

One evening my husband asked me, "Are you really going to waste another bottle of wine?" I was frustrated because, yes, I really wanted to enjoy a nice glass of wine after a long day; but yes, I hated to admit, he was right. I would likely waste the bottle by not finishing it.  I love wine and he loves whiskey. So we often find ourselves wasting bottles, because hey there is a time and place to have a full bottle of wine to yourself and for me it's not a weeknight! I sought out single-serve options in the market (e.g. cans, boxes, plastics, etc.) but found low-quality wine in cheap packaging and no organic options. That really was the spark for me.

LOVE THIS. It’s so fascinating to hear the story behind a brand! Dana saw the demand for single serving organic wines & ran with it! In a very cute + chic way.



Let’s start with the rosé! IT’S SO GOOD. I’m ready for a glass of this at the pool! This yummy rosé comes from Sicily, Italy & of course, is made with organic grapes. It tastes & smells so refreshing with hints of strawberry & watermelon. I also like that it is dry in style so it’s not too sweet. I have tried a lot of rosé, because well duh, rosé all day, and this one is a stand out!


Pure happiness is a glass of organic rosé + charcuterie!



This one is my boyfriend’s favorite! He’s a big Sauv Blanc fan & loves Wander + Ivy’s. I’m a big fan too. Coming from Marlborough, New Zealand, this wine is full-bodied with vibrant citrus flavors.

*I love that you are a wine drinker & your husband is a whiskey drinker because that's exactly how my boyfriend and I are!  What is your favorite wine and what is your husband's favorite whiskey?*

It’s really hard for me to choose a favorite. I am a big fan of Jarvis and Far Niente. Gus loves single malt scotches, e.g. Oban and Macallan. 



Wander + Ivy’s Pinot Noir comes from Oregon & is smoooooth. It is created with only certified organic grapes, using no artificial additives or preservatives.

*What is organic/clean wine & what are the benefits?*

Eating and drinking organic products have a lot of the same benefits. At a high level, you avoid putting potentially harmful chemicals in your body.

In order for a wine to be labeled “made with organic grapes,” 100% of the grapes must be grown organically, without the use of pesticides, herbicides or other synthetic chemicals.

The pesticide glyphosate is an example of an ingredient in a non-organic weed killer that is often used on food, including grapes. In 2015, The World Health Organization reported that this pesticide is “probably carcinogenic to humans.” Organic grapes cannot be grown using this. 

In addition, wine made with organic grapes must have a very low level of sulfites (specifically 0-100 parts per million).

Less additives and no harmful chemicals leads to clean wine that you can enjoy with less of the negative effects the next day!

This is a KEY PIECE of info ya’ll!!! And it’s a huge takeaway from this blog post about Wander + Ivy. I’ve been hearing about organic & clean wines lately and to be honest, I really want to be aware of what I’m putting into my body. These wines truly do taste smooth & if I can avoid a headache the next day, I’m all about it!

This Pinot Noir pairs perfectly with a face mask! And it’s freakin perfect for this because it’s exactly 1 glass to enjoy during the face mask. Dana is a genius!

The Pinot Noir pairs perfectly with Boscia’s Luminizing Black Mask!



YUM. Yep, this red blend is delicious! I saved the best for last. It comes from Valencia, Spain & is medium-bodied, fresh and balanced on the palate, with hints of chocolate and spice. YUM, right??

*Which is your favorite of the 4?*

This usually depends on the weather (warm weather rosé all day) and what I’m eating (always reds with hearty dishes).

If I HAD to choose, I would say the Spanish Red Blend with pasta/pizza is probably my favorite. It’s my wine that I drink most often at home.

I agree with Dana, my favorite of the 4 is the Red Blend! Red wine is my absolute FAVORITE. I especially love how it stains my chapped lips. I didn’t enjoy this one with pasta/pizza but now I really, really want to! I’m not the best at describing flavor notes - hence my YUM comment - but I highly recommend trying Wander + Ivy’s Spanish Red blend. It’s tasty + I felt good drinking it knowing it is made with organically grown grapes.

*I absolutely love the little animal details on the labels, how did you come up with this idea?*

I work with an amazing creative team in Boulder called Moxie Sozo. Together we decided on specific animals to represent each region. I loved Moxie’s idea of having each animal serious on the front label and playful on the back!

Although the red blend is my favorite of the 4, my favorite little animal is the little Kiwi bird, so cute!!

*What is the best part of creating Wander + Ivy?*

Creating something new and innovative for people to enjoy. Hearing direct customer feedback is probably my favorite part. Just this morning a customer reached out to me to say “Delicious wine at a good price for a person looking to enjoy just one glass with dinner without having to open an entire bottle. Well done!” That is exactly why I created the company.  

I completely agree with this customer’s comment! At $6.99, the price point is great for an organic + delicious glass of wine. I spend this amount at a restaurant & it’s usually for a “house” wine which I’m certain is not organic. Then the other options can range from $10-$18 per class which gets pricey quickly.

*What has been the hardest part creating this company?*

Raising our initial capital was challenging. We were still very much in the concept, pre-revenue phase. I worked very hard for 9-12 months to demonstrate the opportunity and raise the capital needed to launch the brand. We fortunately closed about half a million in the summer of 2018.

That’s amazing!! I can only imagine what the future holds for Wander + Ivy. With a creative girl boss behind the brand, I’m so glad I found out about this local company!

You can purchase these amazing wines at tons of liquor stores throughout Colorado. You can also order online through Applejack Wine & Spirit which is amazing because you can get it delivered right to your door.

*What can we look forward to in the future for Wander + Ivy?!*

We are currently in about 60+ liquor stores throughout Colorado (Our website includes the full list). We hope to be in more of your local restaurants as the featured organic option by the glass.

Over time, we also plan to be available in more states (you can currently ship to 12 states) and we will also expand to more varietals!


These bottles are so pretty. Well done Dana & her team at Moxie Sozo!

*Where are your favorite spots in Denver?*

 I live in the Highlands so Mondo Vino, FNG, Vital Root and Corepower are some of my go-to spots for wine, food and yoga!

*Wine, food, and yoga - love! Can we be friends and drink wine together!?*


Thank you Dana for sharing Wander + Ivy with us!! I’m a HUGE fan & will continue supporting & drinking Wander + Ivy!

Here’s how you can too —


You can learn more about this great company at www.wanderandivy.com

Order online through Applejack Wine & Spirit here!

Find a local liquor store to buy Wander + Ivy here!

Follow on Instagram - @wanderandivy


I’m thinking I need to head over to Total Wine & More to get the Red Blend for me and the Sauv Blanc for my boyfriend & make a cauliflower pizza for dinner….yep, I’m definitely going to do that.


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