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This post has been procrastination at its finest.  But most importantly, it's up NOW!  And it's also about time I head back there for happy hour and order all of these over again.  Located at 1616 16th St in Denver, Blue Sushi is going to be an easy to remember destination for you!

Blue Sushi Sake Grill is such a solid choice for sushi in Denver!  I highly recommend.  And you should absolutely go there for happy hour!  They say it best on their website, "from martinis and maki, to beer and sashimi, you'll find the true meaning of happiness right here at Blue Sushi Sake Grill."  ....Yep!  That's correct.  But for me it's the shishito peppers + a glass of chardonnay during happy hour.  


Monday - Saturday 3 PM-6:30 PM

Sunday 12 PM - 8 PM

I'll share my favorites from Blue Sushi in this post but check out their happy hour menu here!



Let's start with their water.  It's SO. GOOD.  Fresh cucumber water that is an actual highlight of the entire experience.  Sounds crazy but just get on board with appreciating the little things!  Haha.  After you've gulped down the refreshing AF H2O, move on to the happy hour drinks!  They have handsome prices which is also refreshing.  $3.75 glasses of wine + $7 martinis + $6 sake + $3.75 margaritas.  The margaritas are super tasty & any glass of wine under $5 makes me happy lol.  

It's really nice to find yummy happy hour drinks that aren't over $10 per drink!

The refreshing AF cucumber H2O

The refreshing AF cucumber H2O


I could eat the three apps pictured below every single day.  I'm drooling just looking at their photos because they are so good!!!  

Shishito Peppers - $5 on happy hour.  These are the best shishito peppers I've ever had!  The sauce is mouth watering & you never know when you're going to get a spicy one.  

Blue Balls - $5 on happy hour.  Just get them, trust me.  Fried + eel sauce deliciousness. 

River Rock Beef Tenderloin - $13.50 & not on happy hour.  But worth it.  It's my FAVORITE!  It's delicious beef served on sizzling rocks so you can cook it yourself right on the table.  It smells incredible & the jalepeno sauce + cooked onions combo with it will make this a favorite of yours too! 


Craving sushi so bad as I write this!  Hopefully it's making you want some too...

I know everyone's tastes differ when it comes to sushi so I want to simply share my faves with you!

Cherry bomb - tuna (served as 2 pcs)

Eden roll - sweet potato tempura (fave)

South Pacific - eel + pineapple (the pineapple tastes so good in this roll)

Super asparagus - cooked salmon

Spicy Gringo - salmon + tuna + white fish on BBQ paper (amazing & BBQ kind of spicy)

Cabo - spicy tuna

Roja - tuna + yellowtail (the pink roll in the picture, girly & cute ;))

Just beet it - goat cheese + beet (really interesting & different kind of roll)

Sushi is just way too good looking not to take a picture, am I right!?  I only get about a 15 second opportunity to snap a pic because everyone always wants to dive right in.  Which I completely understand because it tastes just as good as it looks.  Especially the River Rock Beef.  

If you're interested in checking out this great restaurant, head to the corner of 16th and Wazee (1616 16th St) and look for the Blue octopus hanging over their entrance.  It is a lot easier to spot at night which works out because Sushi is delicious past 9 PM, right!?

If you find yourself at Blue Sushi I have a feeling you will leave your table looking just like this.....


Empty.  With maybe extra ginger because who eats all of that ginger??  Ha.  You'll leave feeling like you maaaybe ate too much sushi.  But I've been told, that's not possible.  And if you go for happy hour you'll leave feeling like you didn't have to break the bank for the best sushi.  

If you're not in the Denver area, don't worry they have more locations!  We first tried this restaurant in Lincoln, NE.  They are also located in Lincoln, NE + Dallas, TX + Fort Worth, TX + Westwood, KS + Naperville, IL + Lexington, KY + Indianapolis, IN.  Check out their full website here.

Let's grab sushi sometime, yeah?!  My boyfriend and I can never get enough sushi in our lives.  Thank you for reading, I appreciate you all!  

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