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Hiiiii!!  It's been a minute, & I apologize!  Between work + moving + vacations May/June have been crazy!  In a good way...but ready to relax!!  I just got home from Seattle today & am finally able to chill out & post.  It's hard to make the time to blog every single week but I hope you'll stay with me & keep reading - there's much more to come!! 

View from our hotel room at The Citizen Hotel Sacramento.

View from our hotel room at The Citizen Hotel Sacramento.

Today is a travel related post featuring SACRAMENTO!!  Sac town.  Old Sac.  Sacra-memento.  A city I didn't know I'd visit but then my beautiful friend went and got married there!!  It was stunning.  And the city was really, really fun!  So I thought I'd write a lil snapshot of recommendations for Sacramento.  I'm no travel expert but I definitely appreciate travel input & advice whenever I go somewhere.  That's what I hope to provide ya'll - recommendations/advice on places to stay + eat + drink...and in this case, have a wedding!


The Citizen Hotel Sacramento.  HANDS DOWN the place to stay!!  I have nothing but good things to say about this place!  It was my boyfriend's birthday so I wanted to surprise him & I knew he would love The Citizen.  Then the Uber driver ruined it, but it's all good because I was right, he loved it!! 


It's a super old school + decorative + swanky hotel downtown with amazing views & the coolest decor.  Books.  Velvet couches.  Lush robes.  Chess.  Whiskey.  LOVE.  We never wanted to leave!! 

I hope to go back & spend more time at this gorgeous hotel!  You can find out more information about them at www.thecitizenhotel.com

Sidenote - We did only stay at The Citizen for one night!  I failed to mention the other hotel we stayed at for two nights that does not need to be named but was absolutely terrible.  Terrible but $120 a night vs $400 thanks to graduation being that weekend.  Needless to say, you definitely want to stay at The Citizen. 


Grange Restaurant & Bar - Also located in The Citizen Hotel, this restaurant was ***** (5 stars if in case you missed that)!  Really nice dark ambiance with amazing food & the nicest waiter ever!!  It is a locally grown + farm-to-fork style restaurant with great cocktails!  My faves were the Grilled Yogurt Flatbread & the Beef Fat Potatoes.  Colin loved his chef-inspired vegan entree that was handmade for him!  It was gone in sixty seconds.  Cocktail faves were the You Know Nothing & The Grange Manhattan.


Ella - This was my absolute favorite meal I ate in Sacramento!  The vibe was so gorgeous & I was in heaven with the food + flowers + drinks.  Such cute details everywhere & white hydrangeas filled every single table!  Wood.  Candles.  Rustic shutters.  Wine cellar.  Pretty menus.

Amazing & pretty details with absolutely delicious food!  Colin ordered what the waitress recommended as the "Vegan Frankenstein."  Just a whole mix of a lot of veggies!!  Which was so good!  I had the Twenty Four Hour Braised Beef Short Rib.  JUST WOW.  Clearly the vegan thing is working out much better for my man.  LOL.  Amazing food + service + romantic ambiance.  So much romantic ambiance I couldn't get a good picture of our food lol.   We highly recommend Ella if you're visiting!!  www.elladiningroomandbar.com

Cafeteria 15 - Brunch!!!!   Yasss.  This is a spot you want to brunch!  Esp if you want about 300 breakfast potatoes.  Because their breakfast entrees come with about that many on the side.  And a bourbon bloody mary!  Order a bloody mary FOR SURE.  www.cafeteria15l.com

La Cosecha -  Yum.  Super good Mexican food right by a park called the Cesar Chavez Plaza.  Our faves were the chicken & vegan enchiladas.  Cocktails - bloody mary + pepino jalepeno margarita!  

On Sunday they had salsa dancing in the park with a DJ which was too fun to watch!!  We thought they were doing lessons but it seems our salsa dancing skills are still minimal after returning home. Ha.  

There are also a ton of homeless people at this park.  We ate a yummy meal but did watch an arrest while seated on the patio.  Just a heads up!  www.lacosechasacramento.com

I'm sure there are SO many more amazing restaurants in Sacramento these are just a few of my favorites we went to!  I'd love to hear any more recommendations for my next visit :)


The Diplomat Steakhouse - This was an excellent stumble upon spot while walking home one day!  The cute patio + twinkly lights stood out to me...obviously.  I'm a sucker for twinkly lights anywhere and everywhere.  Once inside, we were majorly intrigued & impressed!  Beautiful bar with gold details & moss walls.  REAL green moss.  Not to mention the freakin cocktails!!  Perfection.  Some drinks are just better than others.  And this place had drinks that tasted the best!  Our Manhattans & French 77 were beyond!!  We didn't eat here but absolutely recommend this place for a good cocktail/happy hour spot & it's right across from the Capitol!  I'm sure the steaks are to die for!  Especially with the cool green moss backdrop & a perfect Manhattan on the side ;) www.thediplomatsacramento.com

As far as bars to visit.....

The Shady Lady - YES.  SO MUCH YES.  This place was right up our alley with live jazz music & craft cocktails!  Super busy atmosphere but well worth the wait for the cocktails.  We went around 11 PM and it was the perfect time while the music was going & tons of people!  www.shadyladybar.com

Coin-Op - Aracade games + beer + pizza.  Low-key but big bar with a ton of games & a big beer selection!  Comparable to 1 Up in Denver.  It had a long line so be prepared for that but it was a great place with tons of people and a big bar so you got served quickly even though it was busy.  www.coinopsac.com

Pre Flite Lounge - Divey, dive, dive.  In the best way!  We took advice from our waitress at Ella and went here for a drink.  It was a little hidden in an alley but was packed with people sitting in the dark getting their drink on!  Like I said, divey but fun! www.preflitelounge.com


Congrats to Mr and Mrs Cox!  I wish I could go back in time and keep dancing at your wedding!  It was held at Vizcaya Pavilion & Mansion which was a stunning venue!  Located off of 21st Street, this venue is eye catching with a beautiful white exterior + fountains + courtyard + bed and breakfast + plants & flowers everywhere.  www.vizcayasacramento.com

The gorgeous couple!

The gorgeous couple!

I love the chalkboard detail!

They ended the night with sparklers & Journey.  So perfect!!!  So happy to be a part of their wedding & also extremely jealous they left for Italy the following day.  

It's been almost a month since this trip to Sacramento but now that I'm finally posting this, I want to go back!!  FOMO.  I basically get fomo from every place I go.  I just got back from Seattle about 3 hours ago & I'm already missing it like crazy!  But fomo from my boyfriend is also a thing.  And we have another friend's wedding to attend this upcoming weekend!  Stay tuned for a post featuring their wedding in Boulder.  I CAN'T WAIT!!!  

Thank you for checking back in to my blog & reading the latest travel post.  I appreciate you all & there will be a lot more posts in the near future!  

Enjoy your week friends :)

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