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Hi ya'll, thank you for checking out this post!  Today I'm talking about Onefold Restaurant AKA the best place ever in Denver.  It's hard to pick a #1 fave but this place is riiiight up there!!  Top 5 FOR SURE.  To sum it up in 5 words....delicious + girly + coconut + flowers + duck.  Curious!?!  I'm guessing yes...

I found this cute restaurant off of, you guessed it...Instagram!  My bestie Lauren and I were going to brunch before a Broncos game & I searched the hashtag #DenverBrunch & found this gem.  I was immediately attracted to the girly details & once I walked in I was definitely in love! 


These pretty details basically scream H KAY.  Which if you didn't know is a play on my nickname HK...Hannah Kane...H KAY... 

Onefold's aesthetic is simple + gorgeous!  My favorite part is the flowers!!!  They have lovely flowers up front & on every table all of the time.  And they update & change them constantly!!  Every time I've been there I've been the cheesy person literally smelling the flowers & taking pictures of them.  Any arrangement with roses + hydrangeas I'm basically snapping 13 pics.  LOL.  

I want to go back just for the flowers.  And the coconut.  And duck....

Here comes the coconut!!  I'm clearly making a huge deal of it but how many places can you order an entire coconut!? 


I forgot to check the price  (whoops) & also it's not listed online but I believe it was $6ish for this coconut!  It was fun & refreshing & honestly made me smile so to me it was worth it.  I buy ZICO coconut water all the time for like $3ish but it certainly doesn't come in an actual coconut with a straw.  So grab your girlfriends & go get brunch with a side of coconuts!

Or grab a coffee + croissant + champagne!

Onefold is known for their Vietnamese Iced Coffee.  Which is -- condensed milk mixed with cold brewed CommonWealth Civitas coffee poured over ice.  And it's good!!  Definitely recommend tasting!  I tried it just to try it but I like my coffee black so my coffee faves here are the cold brew + drip CommonWealth coffee.  

My boozy fave here is their mimosa.  I haven't actually had their mimosa because I ordered it without the OJ...aka just the Arte Lation cava.  But that cava alone was yummy!  And they have super cute champagne flutes.  Can you tell I'm picky AF???

Moving on! 


The menu in the picture above is only the lunch + drinks side.  Which is amaze.  But the brunch side is incredible as well!

Onefold's crepes.  ENOUGH SAID.  I'm pretty sure that picture actually does do it justice.  It's the the best crepe I've ever had & I'll keep going back for more!!!  They are so nice there that when they brought mine out the chef decided it wasn't pretty enough so he made me a new prettier one & that's how we ended up with double the crepes.  SO SWEET!!! 

Up next...the best hangover cure EVER.  The duck fried rice & duckfat fried potatoes.  


onefold 10.jpg

It's slightly comical that I'm posting about duck fried rice & duckfat fried potatoes given the fact I've been attempting a vegan lifestyle.  TBH I had both of these before going vegan so it doesn't really matter.

But then there is the one time I ordered the chicken....which was today.  LOL.


So the vegan attempt is another story for another day.  However, I will say going vegan is hard AF.  

Pictured above is the Chicken Adobo on the menu.  Which I made the mistake of ordering and not asking the right questions.  In hindsight I would have ordered the tofu scrambled vegetarian burrito.  But that's beside the point.  HA.  

I'm a freakin weirdo about meat, especially chicken...hence going vegan...and I ordered this dish without asking about the chicken.  I assumed it was shredded white chicken meat but it was dark meat on the chicken bone.  I CAN'T.  Cause I'm weird.   So I just removed the chicken & later gave it to my mama.  Which she said was delicious!  


The dish was still extremely yummy even though the chicken was MIA.  I love bok choy & jalepenos so I still loved it! 

How can you not love a place with rotating beautiful flower arrangements!?!? ;)

onefold 12.jpg

The organic & local ingredients whenever possible is 100% accurate!  & it's one of the many reasons I love & support this restaurant!  The staff is extremely friendly which is always a perk in a restaurant!  The wifi is coffee888 just so you know because I know you're about to go there!  

Check them out at Onefold Denver

This chair and coconut are calling your name...


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