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April babies, where you at!?!

This post is a mix of celebrating being an Aries + my personal birthday wish list + a simple gift guide for the ladies out there any time of the year! 

April is one of my very favorite months & I want to wish you all a very happy April!  Especially my Aries babes!  My first & only tattoo is my Aries sign & I'm obsessed with it.  Even though I can never see it because it's on the back of my neck.  Hidden right?  Lol.  


I'm an Aries through & through!  And proud of it!!  Even down to the impulsive side which played a role in me getting this tattoo on a Sunday after brunch...  Haha.  

Online shopping, because it's frowned upon to be in a store with no bra, sweatpants, and a glass of wine......

 I've linked a variety of ten cute items ranging from $5.99 - $175.00!  Enjoy! 

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1.  Lawless liquid lipstick 


NEED THIS LIP GLOSS!!  It's a new makeup product line created by Annie Lawless who is just amazing!  I love her.  Annie is the co-founder of my favorite cold pressed juice - Suja Juice - and recently started this clean AF line selling lip glosses called Lawless Beauty.  In the most beautiful range of colors!  This color is called Jake & it's the color I'm obsessing over.  The clean AF = always free = always free of carcinogenic, toxic, hormone & endocrine disrupting ingredients, as well as ingredients that have been linked to the formation of certain cancers.  How cool is that?!  She's beautiful + super smart + health conscious....just like her new line!

Shop it for $25 & FREE SHIPPPING at --


2.  Chinese Laundry by Kristin Cavallari Starlight Bootie 


Kristin Cavallari is on this gift guide twice.  Because she's double the girl crush!!  Shoes + jewelry + style inspo + recipes + home goods.  She's goals for every single thing!  I've been loving her collection for Chinese Laundry & these are my latest fave.  The white is gorgeous & they are the perfect size heel!

Shop them for $175 --


3.  Fresh Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy-Boosting Face Mask

face mask.jpg

You can never have enough facemasks.  Am I right!?  I always feel so dang refreshed after a facemask.  And this one sounds EXTRA refreshing!  And vibrancy-boosting.  Lol.  I love Fresh beauty products.  I first got hooked on their Sugar Lemon perfume...it smells so freakin good!!  Then I tried a sample of their rose facemask and loved it!  So now I'm dying to try this new one!!  Nothing beats a glass of vino & a facemask! 

Shop the mask for $62 --


4.  Yes Way Rose


Rosé.  NO BRAINER.  It's the perfect gift!  Open it & cheers baby!  I'm loving the brand Yes Way Rosé.  Clever & cute right!?  Unfortunately they only sell the wine at Targets....and Colorado doesn't sell booze there yet!  


They have really cute products as well that would make great gifts for someone you know or for yourself!  I'm loving the candle + tee + hat + beach towel.  Necessary??  YES WAY!!! ;)

Shop these cute products at --


5.  Aries coffee mug


In honor of being an Aries...the cutest coffee sippin' mug!  As you know, I'm addicted to coffee.  I mean clearly, an entire section of my blog is dedicated to the jitter juice.  I love getting new coffee mugs & this one is a steal & adorable!  They have every zodiac sign at Bed Bath & Beyond.  

Find yours here for $5.99 --


6.  Le Specs Enchantress Sunnies


So trendy right?  Haha.  I've been seeing this style more & more.  At first I didn't know my thoughts.  But I'm also a sucker for sunglasses & love switching it up!  So I decided, I'm down.  Plus I have a pair of Le Specs & they are so durable they can totally be worn at the pool with no issue so that was a selling point!  And let's be real...I think they're cute & that's all that matters!! 

If you agree, shop these on Revolve for $87 --


7.  Cupcakes & Cashmere Eddie Dress


Also on Revolve, the cutest white + black checkered mini dress.  I'm about to plan 33 picnics just so I can wear this dress all the time!!  Who wants to join?!  No but seriously I do really love the print & style!  Not just for picnics.  Cute little bow details on the straps & the perfect summer time mini.  

Shop it here for $120 --


8.  Kristin Cavallari's True Roots Cookbook

true roots cook.jpg

Again, K Cav is GOALS.  I'm so excited for her new cookbook!!  I've been a huge fan of hers ever since Laguna Beach & she has just become a super admirable mom & chef!  Her book Balancing in Heels is great with some recipes but I can't wait for this one dedicated to the kitchen.  My favorite recipe in her last book are the green banana muffins....blog post coming soon...so I can't wait to try her new ones!  I'll also post a review of True Roots once I get it & get cooking! 

Find it here for $15 --


9.  Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera


The iPhone camera is great & all...but Polaroid cameras are so fun!!  I love, love, love having physical pictures to hang up & decorate with!  We love them don't we Vanessa???  HA!  I really like this cute ice blue color but I did see a white + black marble camera that was amazing.  Shop around!!  I've linked one at Nordstrom Rack but you can find them at Target, Best Buy, etc.

Get it here for $69 --




Lastly & simply...a manicure!!  It is such a simple, relatively cheap, and thoughtful gift.  Any nail salon is a good option!  Treat her!  Or treat yo self!  Or go together!  Giftcards are easy ranging from $15-$40 for manicures depending on where you go.  I think a little bit of pampering is always a great gift!!  Speaking of...I need a manicure!!  Natural nail dip powder is my personal fave! 

Happy birthday to all my fellow Aries & April babies out there!!!  

Maybe you love all of these gift ideas or just one or maybe none...but regardless I truly appreciate you reading!!  I hope some of you takeaway cute gift ideas for yourself or any lady in your life!  

Enjoy your evening!  Xo.

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