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This past weekend I traveled to LA for one of my best friend's bachelorette parties.  CONGRATULATIONS MRS FUTURE COX!!!  I love you & this weekend was way too fun!

This post is a lil recap + recommendations for West Hollywood.  


Whoever invented airbnb is the real MVP!!  It is definitely the best option for a big group.  We stayed at the CUTEST one in West Hollywood.  It had a gorgeous outdoor patio  + 4 bedroom/3 bath + big open living room + comfy beds.  The best part was it was walking distance to Melrose Avenue & Santa Monica Blvd.   And it had a ton of outlets for girls who constantly charge their phones.  Necessary.  Hahaha.  

I definitely recommend this airbnb if you are ever in West Hollywood (it just won't have the COX balloons, sorry!) - https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/12928525

I've stayed at The Hollywood Roosevelt & would highly recommend it if you are looking for a fun hotel vibe!  The hotel bar is great & the pool is LIT.  https://www.thehollywoodroosevelt.com/

One of my favorite parts of walking around was the greeeeeen everywhere!  Save $$$ on an Uber & walk!!  Living in Colorado is beautiful but currently everything here is brown so the lush rainy day vibes were amazing.  It was nice to get outside and see the beautiful homes in WeHo!  I definitely snuck into someone's yard for the pic of the roses.  Whoops. 


We had a short & pretty walk from our place over to Santa Monica Blvd where we had brunch.  I don't even think the word brunch does it justice.  LOL.  It was a rainbow colored + loud + mimosa filled + hilarious 3 hours of our day.  Maybe 5 hours.  IDK.  We lost track. 

Hamburger Mary's.  Drag Show Brunch.  YASSSS QUEEN!!!!  This eclectic restaurant does a drag show brunch on the weekends & it will keep you entertained for hours!  Shoutout to our waiter Carlos who was the greatest.  "Thank god you girls are all so fucking pretty because you suck at ordering" -Carlos.  Hahaha.  He also had our water glasses flowing & reminded us to drink water.  What a gem.  

After getting 39 mimosas and 6 orders of the chicken & waffles delivered to the table, the show began.  The 39 is an exaggeration, calm down Mom.  ;)  We had plenty of food & drinks to hold us over during the 2 hour long drag performances.  Which were AMAZING!!!  Lashes & asses on fleeeeek!  

I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked because one of the drag queens took my phone.  And put it in her cleavage.  And then called my Mom.  Yep, that happened.  And to the wrong person cause I'm a freakin hypochondriac germaphobe so I had a panic attack.  LOL.  It was funny for everyone else but I was freaking out!!!  My favorite performances were Beyonce & Spice Girls.  Obviously!!  But the best part was the bride had an amazing time & was smiling ear to ear :)  

Denver also has a Hamburger Mary's!  I've heard they do a fun drag show Bingo night which would be so fun!  Check them out at https://www.hamburgermarys.com/denver/


We loved hanging at the airbnb so we spent the rest of the day with girl talk & rose!  There may or may not have been penis straws involved.  HA.  We got ready for a yummy dinner out at a place called Franco on Melrose.  LOVED IT.  Really pretty atmosphere with twinkly lights + greenery + crystal blue wine glasses.  Franco served us & he was wonderful!  Also it was reasonably priced which was great. We left with Chianti stained teeth & happy bellies. 

Check them out at http://www.francoonmelrose.com/

Other yummy restaurant recommendations -

The Eveleigh - farm to table + large plates - http://www.theeveleigh.com/

Gracias Madre - vegan + organic + tequila - http://graciasmadreweho.com/

 As far as drinks...Pump Restaurant was our pick!!

Pink + flowers + happiness.  That's how I would describe Pump Restaurant.  Gorgeous pink vibes & don't miss out on the Pumptini. 

As far as coffee shops to visit....Carrera Cafe is your new fave!!  It's on Melrose Ave close to the "pink wall" which is a girly Insta fave, obviously.  And the cute coffee details are adorable!!  You can get just about any design on your coffee.  Including Ryan Gosling's face!!

Pump Restaurant - amazing cocktails - http://pumprestaurant.com/

Carrera Cafe - cute latte art - https://www.carreracafe.com/

It was an amazing weekend celebrating with good friends in a new city!!!   I miss you all already!  But I'm glad to be back because my liver hurts & I missed my man.

Thank you to the bridesmaids for planning such a fun weekend!  And thank you to the beautiful bride Laura for having us all together!  Anthony is a lucky man &  I am SO happy for you!!!!!



West Hollywood is a new fave.  I definitely recommend our airbnb + Hamburger Mary's + Franco on Melrose + Pump Restaurant + Carrera Cafe.  Thank you so much for reading!!  I'd love to hear your fave spots in LA/West Hollywood!