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Hiii ya'll!  Delicious cocktail recipe coming in hot!!!  This has definitely become my new fave cocktail & I want to share the yummy recipe with you.  And yes, rosé is involved.  :)


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Located at 111 Chestnut St in Ft Collins, the Sunset Lounge is the cutest new rooftop bar!  I'm obsessed.  And if you've been I'm sure you have good things to say as well!  It's inside of The Elizabeth Hotel & is super swanky.  Dim lights + live jazz music + gorgeous views in downtown Foco.  AND the yummiest cocktail - Sunshine & Roses



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I'll take two & keep em' coming!!!  No but really it's that tasty!  Honestly I do actually think it tastes like sunshine & roses in a glass.  Two of my very favorite things!  My friend Vanessa & I had to stop at 2 each but we could have kept going allllll night.  HA.


Vodka + aperol + honey + lemon + sparkling brut rosé

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Real talk guys, this picture drives me crazy because it's not aesthetically pleasing to me.  But I'm not going to be super picky this time.  Just this once.  LOL.  My boyfriend and I made this cocktail at home & it turned out SO GOOD!!!  We also learned a tip/trick - what not to do and what TO do when making it at home!  He's super hot...I mean smart...so he is always teaching me new things.  

1 oz vodka

1.25 oz aperol

1/2 oz lemon juice

1/4 oz honey

2 oz brut rosé

That's all you need to make this sunshine-y cocktail!  Shake with ice in a cocktail shaker & serve in a coupe cocktail glass!  Or any glass of your liking.

*****BUT!!  The tip/trick I was talking about is important!  We realized it on round 2 of the cocktail making.  DON'T add the rosé to your shaker.  Shake all of the other ingredients and pour into your glass then TOP with the rosé.  It makes a huge difference in bubbly taste!*****

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My boyfriend topped it with a pretty yellow rose made out of lemon!!  Which turned out so cute!!  You can also simply add a lemon twist & you've got yourself a Sunshine & Roses!! 

Enjoy your newest fave cocktail!  I'd highly recommend checking out the Sunset Lounge Rooftop bar in Ft Collins & ordering this drink!  Then you can go home and make it yourself!  

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I'd love to hear your thoughts as well as fave cocktail recipes!!  Please share! :)

Thank you for reading!!

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