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Happy October ya’ll! Hope you are enjoying candles + PSLs + pumpkin patches! This post features 10 of my favorite things this month…all pretty much unrelated to Fall. I’m sure you have enough of that going on.

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Hope you enjoy & you can click on each individual image to shop!

  1. Nipple + Lip Balm

Do you like how I started this with nipple?? LOL. Yes this favorite is a nipple cream as well as lip balm. And I’m only using it for one of those uses… lip balm! I have my lovely British friend Steph to thank for sharing with me how great nipple cream is for your lips! And yes she told me all about nipple cream in the best accent EVER. Thanks girl!

This Hatch Mama lip balm has mango butter + pomegranate + acai for tons of benefits. It’s $28 & worth every penny! They are having a Fall sale online where you can use the code AUTUMN20 for 20% off. Click the image to shop!

2. Pajama Jumpsuit

I’m absolutely obsessed with jumpsuits!! Except when I have to pee. They are so cute & basically feel like you’re wearing pajamas. And now you can buy an actual pajama jumpsuit! I love the little white detailing + waist line on this jumpsuit. It’s super cute with heels!

3. Epic Local Pass

Colorado people!! Have you got your ski pass yet!?! I just got mine TODAY. Finally!! And if you haven’t got yours yet you need to get it NOW! It is currently $689 and prices go up this Sunday October 7th.

There are tons of great ski pass options in Colorado. I feel very lucky to live here because I absolutely love the mountains! Especially Vail. That’s one of the reasons I love the Epic Local Pass! You get 10 days to Vail + Beaver Creek & unlimited access to Breckenridge + Keystone + Arapahoe Basin. There’s tons of other resorts on the pass outside of Colorado and my top two destinations where this pass can be used are Whistler + Park City!

$689 might sound like a lot to spend but trust me, it’s worth the money! And with individual lift ticket prices being over $130 per day - if you go 6 times you pay for your pass. And if you live in Colorado & love the mountains I know you want to go AT LEAST 6 times this season!

4. Lawless Seal the Deal

If you read my Aries gift guide you know I’m a huge fan of Annie Lawless & her clean AF makeup line. Clean AF - natural + non-toxic + chemical free. The newest product in her line is this amazing loose setting powder! It helps to set your makeup & isn’t cakey which is ideal for a loose powder. It is also talc-free which means it doesn’t have any cancer causing ingredients so you can feel good about inhaling the powder while doing your makeup. I’m all for makeup products without cancer-causing ingredients!!

The powder comes in 3 colors for $36 - classic + golden + brightening. My favorite is the brightening Seal the Deal.

5. Patchwork Fluff Uggs

I want all of the Uggs. All of the time. Especially these ones!! I just can’t decide which color. I think I’m leaning towards the camel colored ones. These are $230 but if you’re a fan of Uggs like myself, you know they are worth the money. Over the years I have tried the copy cat Uggs and cheaper versions and they don’t last and are nowhere near as comfy. There’s nothing better than wearing heels all night & then Uggs the next day. Soooo perfect for your feet.

My favorite part about these is when I showed them to my boyfriend he said “Those look like neopolitan ice cream with bangs.” Bangs!! Hahahaha.

6. Cheese Board

This cheese board from Anthropologie is a bit of a splurge at $78 but how good would it be for entertaining!? It’s so colorful & pretty I would buy it just for decoration! But I do love a good cheese plate so let’s be real I would definitely use it all of the time. It would also be a good gift for any moms out there who like pretty items for their kitchen + entertaining.

7. Drunk Elephant Baby Facial

Ummm yes please. My bestie Vanessa shared this facemask with me & now I’m dying to try it!! Drunk Elephant has been all the rage lately. I haven’t tried any of their products yet but I think this would be my top choice! This mask helps to “reveal a more youthful looking radiance.” Which I obviously want. $80 is a lot but if it makes me youthfully radiant it’s a win right!? Ha. Also I’m just obsessed with face masks in general and want to try all of them!

8. Rose Quartz Facial Roller

I have been wanting a facial roller for a loooong freakin time. And sadly I ordered one from another company and when I got it in the mail it was broken in half. So that was lame! But now I’m going to order this rose quartz roller from Herbivore Botanicals. It’s sold out on their website but if you click the image you can shop it from Nordstrom for $40.

I’m interested in getting a facial roller because I constantly read + hear about the benefits. There are a ton including lymphatic drainage + reduces puffiness/wrinkles/fine lines + helps absorb product into your skin + eases muscle tension.

I’ll share my thoughts with ya’ll after I get one!

9. To Shake the Sleeping Self

I cannot wait to read this book!! I follow Jedidiah’s Instagram and that’s how I found out about his book. I’ve been following him for awhile now and I LOVE reading his posts!!! He’s incredibly insightful & thought-provoking. I can only imagine how deep & meaningful this book is. He also writes poetry. And started a company. And wears great hats. And makes me want to travel. The list goes on. Go check out his Instagram & check this book out ASAP!! I’m not going to give you the description because you should go find out for yourself!

I’m beyond excited to read it :)

10. Shut the Box

This is me & my man’s new favorite game! We were in Vail recently & joined in on the game with some locals who were playing it at the bar. We were immediately hooked!! It’s a really easy dice game & it’s only $15 from Target. It would be perfect for playing with family and friends over the holidays!

So what do ya think!?! Am I crazy for wanting the Uggs with bangs? Is nipple cream actually good for your lips? Do I even know how to read? I guess we will never know.

I hope you enjoyed this post with 10 October faves! Thank you so much for reading!!

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