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Seeking members for a book club!!!  Seriously, my bffs Lindsey, Lauren & I want to start one!  Our idea basically includes a book every month + getting together at cute new spots to discuss + wine.  Obviously.  Anyone is welcome!  We think we're pretty fun.  And if you don't.....just buy the book & read along on your own :) 

The idea stemmed from my mom because she threw the freakin best book club party the other night!  She has been in a book club, kid you not, for 15 years with the same ladies.  How cute is that?!  They read a Russian book this month & my mom threw a party complete with vodka shots + moscow mules + black russians + SO much yummy food + the cutest decorations.  

So not only do I want to have fun book club parties, but reading has always been a favorite of mine.  It takes a really good book to get momentum but once that momentum hits I just want more, more, more.  This past summer was that way for me.  I’ll elaborate on my fave summer reads in this post as well as our pick for the first book club read!  

Here were my summer picks – Small Great Things, The Husband’s Secret, Tiny Beautiful Things, My Sunshine Away, Human Remains, Sweetbitter, First Comes Love, The Couple Next Door, How to Win Friends and Influence People, Fates and Furies, and Kate Hudson's Pretty Happy.


Small Great Things -

Jodi Picoult has been my favorite author for years!   My mom recommended My Sister’s Keeper years ago and I fell in love with her writing.  I think I finished it in like 4 days.  I then proceeded to read all her books.  Literally all of them!!  I am not exaggerating when I say – I recommend them all!!  Her writing changes all the time!  Some books each chapter is in the perspective of a different character and others are a time swap between chapters.  They always involve some type of trial and heavy subject.  Small Great Things is a book about the racism surrounding a nurse and an infant's death.  And so much more.  It is a really good read and really makes you think.  If you want to read it – reach out to me because I would be happy to lend it to you!

The Husband’s Secret –  

I can’t even.  You know that phrase girls always say?? Well it’s a good freakin phrase!  I CAN’T EVEN tell you how good this book is!!!  Written by Liane Moriarty, this book is a must read.  She is also the author of Big Little Lies that was made into an extremely good HBO show.  I read the book first and loved it and then the show came out a year later and I loved it too.  I will admit the book is better because it gives so much more detail.  But I honestly fell more in love with Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon after watching them in the show!!  I’m also extremely obsessed with the show’s theme song ‘Cold Little Heart’ by Michael Kiwanuka.  I also read that they are turning The Husband’s Secret into a movie or TV show with Blake Lively.  So CLEARLY it’s going to be good!!  Read it + watch it + listen to it.  I promise you won’t be disappointed!!

Tiny Beautiful Things

I read this two summers ago and just read it again this summer.   It is the kind of book you can read over and over and always take something new from it.  Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugar is written by Cheryl Strayed.  She is also the author of Wild which was made into a motion picture starring Reese Witherspoon.  This book is written in a style that each chapter is an advice column with a ‘question’ and answer.  There is a HUGE variety of topics.  It is so heartfelt, beautiful, and realistic that it will definitely make you cry.  I would especially recommend this book to all my best girlfriends…. It is worth reading!!!


My Sunshine Away

My mom always has great book recommendations.  She finishes a new book like every other day and reads super diverse books.   Her book club read My Sunshine Away by M.O. Walsh and I decided I wanted to read it too.  Pretty disturbing and definitely not a feel good read.  This book is set in Louisiana and revolves around the rape of a young girl.  Each chapter is written in the perspective of a different character which is a really interesting way to read this story.  It is a sad and heavy subject for a book but it is well written and makes you want to read more to find out exactly what happened.  

Pretty Happy -

Kate Hudson is such a beauty!!!  I'm obsessed with her.  And her book, Pretty Happy!  "You don't have to be perfect...pretty happy is pretty great."  .....Shes the best!  This is an absolutely perfect coffee table book.  It has beautiful photography + really simple & helpful tips on healthy ways to love your body.  She is coming out with a new book soon called Pretty Fun  on October 31st!!  This one is a lifestyle & entertaining guide with food + drink recipes and hosting advice.  I mean how perfect is this for our upcoming book club!?!


How To Win Friends and Influence People -

This is an older International Bestseller written by Dale Carnegie.  All I'm going to say is READ IT.   It is useful for anything and anyone.  Thank you babe for sharing it with me, you're the best :) 


Quite an assortment of book recommendations!  My taste for books is all over the place just like my taste for Halo top ice cream.  

Our first book pick for this new + exciting book club is........dun dun dun......

The Hypnotist's Love Story by Liane Moriarty!!!!  

FullSizeRender (7).jpg

I am so excited to read this!!  After loving and quickly consuming Big Little Lies & The Husband's Secret, I have a feeling this will be a quick read.  That is just how her books are.  You get hooked and have an overwhelming feeling of I NEED TO KNOW!!!!

The description reads,

"Ellen O'Farrell is a professional hypnotherapist who works out of the eccentric beachfront home she inherited from her grandparents.  It's a nice life, except for her tumultuous relationship history.  She's stoic about it, but at this point, Ellen wouldn't mind something long term.  When she meets Patrick, she's optimistic.  He's attractive, single, employed, and best of all, he seems to like her back.  Then comes the dreaded moment: He thinks they should have a talk.  

Braced for the worst, Ellen is pleasantly surprised.  It turns out that Patrick's ex-girlfriend is stalking him.  Ellen thinks, Actually, that's kind of interesting.  She's dating someone worth stalking.  She's intrigued by the woman's motives.  In fact, she'd even love to meet her.

Ellen doesn't know it, but she already has."

This is gonna be gooooooood....!!  Right!?  Grab a copy + a glass of wine + join us for this month's book club choice!  If you are interested in joining please reach out to me we would be happy to have you! -  Hannah@hkayblog.com  - If not, I hope you have enjoyed these book recommendations and dive in!!

What are your favorites!?  I'd love to hear your recommendations!! I'm always looking for new reads!