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To say I am a huge fan of brunch is an understatement.  I like going to brunch on Saturdays, Sundays or even a random Tuesday. Sometimes I just like to call meals brunch.  My Aunt Jackie teases me sometimes and says I think every meal is brunch.  I really don’t!  Or maybe I do.  It's probably my second favorite meal, dessert being the first!  Loving brunch is something I’m sure MOST of you can relate to.  Right??  My friends and I freakin love it!!  What we don’t love is breaking the bank every weekend for fried eggs & spicy bloodys. 

Brunch vs the bank – this is something worth talking about!  In my opinion, of course.   I am the type who acts now and thinks later.   But lately I’ve been thinking these thoughts DURING brunch.  Which is annoying.  HA.  I’ve been thinking how a love for brunch might be hurting my wallet.  This doesn’t mean I want to stop – lets be real – but I am interested in finding better ways to brunch & save.  There are also a lot of factors involved in breaking the bank over the weekend.  Ubers + drinks at the bar + dinner out, etc.  For now, I'm just focusing on  B R U N C H.

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The smartest answer would be to order less drinks.  Easier said than done on a Saturday morning!  I’d say twenty-somethings usually have two-to-three drinks during brunch and lucky for us, restaurants these days charge at least $10.00 per drink.  Boozy brunches are kind of the point, right?  When you have a sunny weekend afternoon and no plans why not have some drinks at brunch and see where the day takes you!?  Don’t get me wrong I understand not everyone drinks and not every brunch includes alcohol….   However, in my experiences, my friends and I usually have a table with a few mimosas & bloodys on it.  Especially after a night out.  There's nothing better than a bloody mary when you’re hungover. 

"Mimosa - a socially acceptable way to start partying at breakfast." -unknown 

I love living in Colorado again and trying new brunch spots!!  My favorites lately have been Root Down, Snooze, Back Porch Café, Urban Egg, Linger, Sassafras American Eatery, and Steuban’s.  I love cute décor, rooftops, patios, funky bottles of H20, and bottomless mimosas.  These spots all have some of these fun details but I wouldn’t consider them $ out of $$$$$.  Snooze is probably the best bang for your buck.  Plus, our friends Nick and Hannah work there so we can skip that infamous 80-minute-long, line! Sometimes...  If we're lucky.  I used to think Seattle was the most expensive (as far as brunch goes) but, Denver seems to be making a real comeback!  I don’t mind paying top dollar for delicious waffles, coffee, and two mimosas...I just wish it all didn’t add up so fast!  I don’t think anyone necessarily enjoys spending a ton at brunch.  I mean why would you?? 

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My next brunch stops in Denver are -- Jelly, The Lobby, Denver Biscuit CO, The Hornet, and Berkshire.  Reviews to come!!!

I like looking at the positives and to me, that $45.00 is worth every penny!  I like having good conversations with my friends and laughing about the night before.  I like planning our day over pancakes and lattes.  I like ordering a ton of different entrees and all sharing.  I like doing my friend Lindsey’s eyeliner at the table because she likes the way I do it.  I really, really like when my boyfriend helps me make my bloody at a DIY bloody mary bar.  He’s so good.  To me, these are all such fun times spent brunching that I wouldn’t trade them for anything! 

No ragrets.  Seriously, not even one letter!

So, less drinks... Obviously that is a way to save.  Less brunch, also a way.  I think limiting yourself to one brunch out per weekend is fair.  It’s easy to go both Saturday and Sunday if you have the time and appetite.  Picking one day seems like a better idea.  Maybe less is more??  Less is definitelyyy more money LOL.  I’m also thinking of sharing meals as a smarter way to brunch.  Honestly, I never finish my whole meal so if I can recruit a friend to share, win/win for both of us! 

This post isn’t a guide to saving money, more so just a topic of conversation.  I would guess a lot of you can relate!!  Whether you like, love, or hate brunch – I hope at the very least, you are craving some kind of breakfast food after reading this.  ;)

What are your experiences with brunching & the bank???   Let me know, I’m always interested!!