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Yummy food + tasty coffee.  Yes & yes!!  Port Side is a favorite coffee shop of mine in Denver at 2500 Larimer St.  I love having fave coffee shops all over the place!!  This one is my fave for a healthy lunch & an iced coffee pick me up!  

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It's a pretty small shop but I have never had any trouble finding a table & the staff is really sweet!  They also have a cute outdoor patio when the weather is nice.  And since Denver isn't seeing any snow yet...you can still use the patio!!  Sadly.  Lol.  I'm ready for snow!!!  But for now I guess I'll keep drinking iced coffee & sitting in the sun on a patio.  Could be worse!   

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Port Side is colorful + cheerful!  The vibrant green & blue chairs are a perfect contrast to their simple black + white menus.  I love details like this!  They also have pretty wood in the shop with funky + colorful paintings.  Which are for sale!  I always like when restaurants sell the art they have up on the walls.  Although it's usually out of my price range.  Notice the fancy napkin display they got going on!!

Not only is the coffee shop colorful, the food is too!!!  My two very favorite things on the menu not only taste good but they are BEAUTIFUL to look at!!  #1 is the brown rice bowl.  SO. FREAKIN. GOOD.  Brown rice + pickles + kimchi + avocado + curried cashews + vegan siracha mayo.  It's spicy & healthy & is just enough food.  I'd add extra avocado next time because I can't get enough avo.  I think $10 is a totally fair price for this bowl.  My #2 is the avocado toast.  Because again, I cant get enough.  Lol.  Toasted country bread + avocado + radish + togarashi.  For $8!  I order mine without the radish but I'm sure it's good both ways!  The spice they use, togarashi, is essentially a lip plumper.  Super spicy & leaves your lips tingling!  You can't go wrong with anything on the menu!  

Drink wise, I love the iced coffee!!!  My go to.  I also like their vanilla latte with almond milk.  They have a variety of drinks on the menu including coffee + tea + wine + beer + cocktails.  Portside definitely goes beyond a coffee shop with the delicious food & bar menu available!  I have no shame in talking to people or asking for a photo so when I saw an older man sitting next to me drinking the CUTEST little cup of Cava I had to take a pic.  It's so tiny!  He was a big fan of Cava & let me get my picture.  He also told me that in Barcelona they serve Cava with a little plate of olives or sometimes potato chips.  Cute right!?  

I'm getting hungry just writing this post!  Definitely craving some avocado toast.  And whatever that little chocolate coconut ball is!!  Go & check out Port Side next time you're in the area!!  2500 Larimer St.  It's usually pretty easy to find parking & if you can't.....park in the loading zone & listen to some good music & wait for a car to leave.  H KAY tip....  Lol.  

To highlight Port Side's awesome staff + great sense of humor, here is a repost of a pic they recently shared.  LOVE IT.   

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Their Instagram is so great!!  Follow them @portside

And you can check out their website for a full menu at www.portsidedenver.com