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Roses + peonies + ranunculus + tulips + hydrangeas + anemones + lilies.  FLOWERS!!!!  What girl doesn't love pretty flowers!?  Whether they are a gift or you buy them yourself (treat-yo-self style), flowers make you happy!!  I can say with full confidence that women & girls love pretty + colorful + fragrant flowers.  Lace & Lilies built an amazing business on this fact & I am so excited to share them with you!!! 

Lace and Lilies!  The name alone is adorable. They are a floral design studio in Ft Collins, Colorado providing amazing flowers for weddings/events, floral/decor installations, home/corporate flower delivery, & floral workshops.  The company was founded in 2011 by two lovely women - Lacey Hamel & Lisa Ferguson.  Girl crushes for suuuure.  I'm so in awe of their talent & beautiful business!  They have an eye for tasteful + creative + stunning pieces.  They also have an eye for business.  They did 175 weddings last year!  That's incredible!!  These girls are staying busy & making beautiful designs.

Lisa & Lacey

Lisa & Lacey

They not only provide valuable services to brides + businesses + babes.....they also offer workshops of all kinds!  The workshops are a fun opportunity to DIY & learn how to create your own custom floral designs!  You can learn how to make beautiful centerpieces for your home, wreaths for the holidays, and flower crowns for fun!  Wonder which workshop I picked......flower crowns, clearly!!!!!  It's just not in my nature to deny my head a princess crown covered in pink roses.  It's just not.  

So my bestie Lauren & I spent our Thursday evening making the prettiest flower crowns!!  Lace & Lilies hosted the event at a gorgeous clothing boutique in Ft Collins called Blue Harvest Apparel.  They had everything set up perfectly along with rose + cheese and crackers + %15 off shopping.  A GIRL'S FREAKIN DREAM COME TRUE.  Or at least mine.  Lol.  

Lacey & Lisa & their coworker Kelly were wonderful hosts, teachers, and friends!  They were so friendly and happy to help.  This makes me admire their company even more.  Successful, smart business women who go out of their way to teach & help newbies are admirable in my book!  I would absolutely recommend their workshops to anyone who enjoys DIY projects, flowers, time with friends/family, and learning new things.  The process was creative + fun and the finished product was amazing!! 

I don't think I'm ever going to take my flower crown off.  I also now think of myself as a master flower crown maker & might be giving all of my family members them for Christmas.  Including my two brothers.  

This was the cutest + best workshop hosted by Blue Harvest Apparel in Ft Collins (115 E Mountain Ave).  This clothing boutique was the perfect setting for Lace & Lilies event!!  Did I mention shopping????  This store is filled with cute things!!  The owner, McKenzie Murray, has G R E A T taste!  Adorable clothing + home goods + jewelry + beauty + decor.  I'm pretty such every person there bought something!  I love the collaboration they were able to do together!  Women supporting women!!  

You can visit their website at www.blueharvestapparel.com

I did a Q & A with Lace & Lilies, here is what I learned!  ---

You have an incredibly beautiful company!!  How did you come up with the idea for Lace & Lilies?! Lace and Lilies was created 6 years ago (Wow! Time really flies when you are playing with beautiful flowers)!  We met each other working in the floral industry & hit if off right away on a personal level. Over a beer at Trailhead, our personal connection turned into a similar outlook on flowers & the wedding industry - so we decided to give it a whirl and see where it would all take us! A simple conversation and 1 wedding in Vail, Colorado has blossomed into 175 weddings a year and a team of creative and beautiful souls that have a similar love and passion that we do. 

That's amazing!  What is your favorite part about owning your own business? The best part of owning our own business has been the creative freedom that comes along with the gig! We love to break the rules for standard design and convention. We like to shake things up, do things that are unexpected and let all those unique people out there have a platform to shine! 

What is the biggest challenge in owning your own business? The biggest challenge when owning your own business, for us, has been the amount of work, time and sacrifice made each and every day for the past 6 years. We have had to make some healthy changes to make sure that we have balance in our personal and home lives as well. When you care and are invested as much as we are, it can be difficult to not read emails from home at night or find a week to take a vacation. 

Say someone wants to start their own business...what are the 3 best pieces of advice you have for them? 1. Stay true to who you are and move at your own pace 2. Dream big, hustle hard 3. Listen and learn from others that have been in your position and be open to various ways of thinking (if there was a 4. Drink!!)

Hahaha yes girls love your #4!  What is your favorite floral design project you've ever worked on? It always feels good to think outside of the box and do things you don't normally get to do. We have collaborated with an amazing abstract painter here in Fort Collins, Kelli Kroneberger. We did a series of floral arrangements that were inspired by and paired with her paintings...it was truly magical and fun to work alongside another creative mind that is constantly thinking of color combinations and palettes in a different format than we do. The outcome was pure perfection! 

Your Instagram is amazing...how big of a role does social media play in your business?? Social media plays such a large part in our company, luckily for us, flowers are so beautiful and very photogenic! We love to post daily, not only the behind the scenes at our studio but also the finished product of our work. We feel so grateful to work with such amazing photographers at all of our weddings too, sharing their creative photographs of our flowers is wonderful. How crazy to think how far you can reach people with social media...we receive the sweetest comments from people across the world, that we have brightened their days with our flowers and it just warms our hearts!

I'm really curious...what is your favorite flower?  Lisa - Peonies and Anemones & Lacey - Snapdragons and Garden Roses   - subject to change tomorrow!


So....are your houses just constantly filled with gorgeous flowers?? You would think...but no!!! 

Serious question....Will you do my wedding flowers one day??  Yes, penciling you in now!

HELL.  YES.  These girls are fiiiire.  You have to check them out!  Whether you want to attend one of the amazing workshops or have wedding plans or know a business who could benefit - this company is for you!!  You can look them up at www.laceandliliesflowers.com + Instagram @laceandlilies !  Their studio is in Ft Collins located at 2700 S College Ave #180.  

Thank you Lacey & Lisa for your time!!!  And thank ya'll for reading :)