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BRONCOS FEVER!!!!  It's a real thing.  There is nothing better than the Denver Broncos!!!! I was born & raised a Broncos fan and am very grateful for that!   I remember going to Superbowl potlucks with my parents & cheering on Elway.   Mile high spirit is unparalleled & Denver fans are so. much. fun.  My best friend Lauren...aka the pepper to my salt...and I went to the Broncos vs Raiders game this past weekend and we had the freakin best time!!!   THANK YOU LAUR!!!  I love you long time.  

We had ourselves a Salt N Peppa Sunday Funday!!!   We started with brunch at the CUTEST café in Denver called Onefold.  Champagne + crepes + duck fat potatoes + iced coffee deliciousness.   Mainly champagne.  How else would one begin their Sunday???  Lol.  I'll do a post on Onefold later because it is seriously the cutest!! 

Onefold in Denver - LOVE

Onefold in Denver - LOVE

After a good amount of bubbles & blueberries we went to Mile High Stadium for a lil prefunking in the parking lot.  Prefunk = pregame.  I picked this up while living in Seattle & I like the term prefunk more!  Feel free to use it ;)  We had such a blast tailgating in the parking lot!  There were sooo many people enjoying their Sunday!  I love how everyone comes together to support their team and is always in such a good mood.  The energy, excitement, and fans were incredible!!!!   So many hilarious orange + blue broncos getups!  

Things got a little interesting for Lauren and I.....

Hahaha.  We never have any fun when we hang out.  Clearly!!!  

After a hilarious prefunk we went into the game for some foooootballllll!!!!!  We could not have asked for a better game day!  The weather was sunny & absolutely perfect!  Not to mention the BRONCOS WON!!!!!!   Final score 16-10.  It wasn't a super high scoring game but Siemian showed up and the defense played well.  I'm just happy we got a W!!  Especially against the Raiders.  The Broncos fever was high in the stadium for the game!!  Denver fans can't be topped, baby!  

I'm looking forward to the rest of the season & the wins to come! 

Denver Broncos schedule -- 

-Oct 15 Broncos vs. Giants - HOME

-Oct 22 Broncos vs. Chargers

-Oct 30 Broncos vs. Chiefs

-Nov 5 Broncos vs. Eagles

-Nov 12 Broncos vs. Patriots - HOME

-Nov 19 Broncos vs. Bengals - HOME

-Nov 26 Broncos vs. Raiders

-Dec 3 Broncos vs. Dolphins

-Dec 10 Broncos vs. Jets - HOME

-Dec 14 Broncos vs. Colts

-Dec 24 Broncos vs. Redskins

-Dec 31 Broncos vs. Chiefs - HOME

If you get the chance to go to an upcoming home game - definitely get to the stadium parking lot early for tailgating & prefunking!!  I'm going to look for the guy cooking fajitas in the parking lot next time I go....haha.