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Everyone deserves to be a LE QUEEN!!!! Lol.  But seriously, everyone should TRY a Le Queen!!!  Its the yummiest cocktail everrrrrr.  Personal fave!  Lemons + bubbles + booze.  The Le Queen comes from the wonderful Avanti Food & Beverage in LoHi (3200 N Pecos St).  Such a fun place!!  I could (& should) write an entire review on this place!!  Instead, I'll focus on their delicious drink that never fails to make me & my bestie, Lindsey, super happy (& super buzzy)! 


We've been loving Avanti for quite some time now....it's in the perfect location in the Lower Highlands and is a super fun + creative spot.  Tons of food trucks in an indoor location with multiple bars & an insanely great rooftop!!  You should expect it to be packed but it's never too packed to enjoy.  Go with some good company & you won't have a bad time!  Especially if you order the Le Queeeeen.  

So....we first fell in love with this cocktail celebrating Lindsey's birthday last December!!  We may or may not have had a few too many Le Queens but nonetheless we couldn't stop raving about the drink!  It will definitely get ya going.  Hahaha.  Now we always mention catching up over a LE QUEEEEEN because it's honestly our favorite.  My favorite.  Her favorite.  Your future favorite.  Etc. 

Cheers to Lindsey!!! When we fell in love with the LE QUEEN!

Cheers to Lindsey!!! When we fell in love with the LE QUEEN!

So my boyfriend is a freakin ANGEL and he surprised me for our one year anniversary by bringing all of the ingredients for a Le Queen on our romantic getaway.  I was blown away!!  In the best way.  We had so much fun recreating this cocktail and I'd love to share with you the "how to!!!"


Tito's Handmade Vokda + Tanqueray London Dry Gin + St. Germain + Ginger + Lemon + La Marca Prosecco

IMG_1409 (1).JPG

So my heaven sent boyfriend bought these ingredients with a slight substitution - Ginger DeKuyper + Elderflower Liqueur + Greenall's London Dry Gin.....these are all basically the same and were delicious in the drink!  If it hasn't been made clear....this cocktail includes vodka + gin + prosecco + 2 liqueurs!!  Here is your PSA - THIS DRINK IS STRONG!!!!!!!  Haha.  

As far as making the cocktail......

We made it up as we went!!!  My man is super good at bartending so he took the lead & asked me to tell him what it was needing/missing.  Honestly, my favorite part about the drink is the lemon + bubbles effect.  SO DELISH!!!  We made a few & played around with how much of each ingredient made it taste the best.  

Personally, we recommend - 

Juicing the lemon!!!  Absolutely going to be tastier if you juice fresh lemon!!!


Also, get the La Marca Prosecco!  It is what Avanti uses & honestly tastes incredible!  I'm a Brut Champagne fan but this Prosecco is phenomenal!


.5 oz vodka

.5 oz gin

2 oz prosecco 

.75 oz elderflower liqueur 

.75 oz ginger dekuyper 

.75 oz fresh lemon juice

Shake all of these ingredients together + pour over ice + top with prosecco!!  


And finally, garnish with a lemon slice!!  Super easy & super tasty! Our Le Queens tasted PERFECT!   Best. Time. Ever. !!!!  You definitely want to try this boozy cocktail!  Whether you make it at home or go to Avanti....you are going to enjoy it!!  


CHEERS TO YA'LL!!!!  I'd love to hear your thoughts :)